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The usual replies to travellers most common questions are listed below. If you would like to get in touch with Customer Service or get in-depth information about your trip, kindly log on to the our Customer Service System using the link above.

  • How do I pay?
    After you complete your booking, the system will take you to the booking confirmation and payment page. Then you will be easily able to pay by card (Visa, MasterCard, Eurocard).
  • Can I change the name on the ticket?
    Changing names on tickets is normally not permissible as they are personal and may not be transferred. Certain exceptions do exist however, e.g. Norwegian Air Shuttle, as well as certain domestic and European flights by SAS do allow name changes. Contact our Customer Service using the link above for prices and exact information if this is relevant in your case.
  • Can I change the date of the ticket?
    Många flygbolags biljetter tillåter ändring mot en avgift, kontakta kundtjänst om du är intresserad av prisuppgifter och tillgänglighet. Notera att ändringar enbart kan ske i mån av plats och mot de avgifter som flygbolaget och resebyrån har.
  • How do I cancel a booking?
    To avoid any misunderstandings about the cancellation, we accept cancellations only in writing. Always contact Customer Service if you would like to cancel your trip. Customer Service will reply to your cancellation request with general information about how you can, e.g. take advantage of your cancellation insurance. Then you need to re-confirm your cancellation before we notify the airline of it. Note that your ticket will not be refunded if you have not purchased our cancellation insurance.
  • Why can’t I book an offer I see on the website?
    Sometimes there are technical errors or on-going updates in the many data booking systems involved in a booking. An option that is not actually bookable may then appear on the website. We are constantly working to eliminate such problems, yet are sometimes affected by errors which are beyond our control, and it is then that you get an error message when you try to make a booking.
  • I have not received my tickets, what do I do?
    We send the travel documents by e-mail within a couple of days of receiving your payment. If your departure is imminent, they are sent as soon as this is possible. If you cannot find the e-mail with the tickets, you can always log on to our Customer Service system above and retrieve them there. When we talk about tickets, it is the same thing as travel documents, e-tickets, or electronic tickets.
  • What happens if the plane is late and I miss my connection flight?
    If you have booked the same ticket for the whole journey, including a layover, the airline’s ticket office will rebook the next best possible option free of charge. This is why it is important not to book separate tickets with a short layover time, but to make one booking for your whole journey.
  • What happens if the airline changes its flight times?
    Airlines normally release a preliminary schedule once every six months. This means that published flight times may be adjusted and flights may be cancelled. If a schedule change affects your trip, the travel agency or the airline needs to adjust or rebook one or more of your flights. This service is included in our travel service package that you can buy when booking. If you have not opted for a travel service package, we will nevertheless contact you to inform you that there has been a change and that you need to contact the airline directly or buy a travel service package.
  • How much luggage can I take on board?
    Most airlines allow a bag weighing max. 20 to 23 kilograms at no extra charge. Certain airlines charge extra for luggage, e.g. Air Baltic, most domestic flights in the USA that are purchased separately, and, e.g. Vueling. Air Berlin also charges for luggage for its cheapest flight tickets. Contact us for detailed information.
  • Will I get new tickets if the airline goes bankrupt?
    If the airline goes bankrupt, you will not be able to make your trip, and the travel agency will not be able to reimburse you at all since we are only an intermediary and transfer your payment directly to the airline when you are making the booking. This is why we always recommend that you buy our bankruptcy insurance so that you can get your money back if the airline is declared bankrupt. If the airline goes bankrupt after departure, your new return trip will be paid for through the insurance.
  • How am I supposed to fill in the names when I book the trip?
    Always enter your first given name as written in your passport and all surnames as stated in the surname line of your passport. Name changes are complicated and costly, if at all possible with the airline you have made the booking with. If the trip is made with a number of different airlines, a name change may not be feasible at all.
  • Can I buy a trip for someone in another country?
    Yes, this is possible, but kindly state your own e-mail address and telephone number if it is you who is making the booking so that we can conduct all correspondence with you. Afterwards, you can just forward the tickets by e-mail to the traveller.