About Flyuvet

Flyuvet is a Nordic online travel agency focused on procuring the best flights with most value for money on the market. You can quickly and easily find the flights that meet your needs on our website: cheapest, with shortest duration, etc., depending on your requirements when it comes to price, flight times, or a combination of both. We are part of Uvet Nordic AB headquartered in central Stockholm. Thanks to our parent company, Flyuvet can take advantage of the best deals with all large airlines and of competitive prices for hotels and car rentals all over the world.

You can feel completely safe when you choose to travel with Flyuvet as we have lodged a travel guarantee with the Swedish Legal, Financial, and Administrative Services Agency, possess full IATA authority to issue travel documents, and employ payment solutions via DIBS.

Flyuvet is operated by Uvet Nordic AB/Flygpoolen i Stockholm AB filial i Finland with an annual turnover of approx. EUR 100 million and some 200,000 passengers a year. Uvet Nordic AB, in turn, is part of Italian travel agency Uvet based in Milan. Uvet is the leading travel agency in Italy, with a turnover of more than EUR 2.2 billion per year.

We hope you will have a pleasant trip with us – Finding the best flights!
Best regards,
Andreas Delin (Marketing) & Patric Wagenknecht (CEO)